CSUF Academic Calendar 2024-2025: Important Dates.

The CSUF academic calendar 2024-2025 includes important dates such as registration periods, add/drop deadlines, holidays, and breaks. These dates play a crucial role in helping students plan their academic activities, meet deadlines, and prepare for exams and assignments. 

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) follows a semester-based academic calendar. The academic calendar at CSUF provides a structured framework for students’ coursework and helps them plan their academic schedules effectively.

CSUF’s academic year consists of two main semesters: the Fall semester and the Spring semester. Each semester typically spans around 15 weeks, including instruction and examination periods.

The Fall semester at CSUF usually begins in late August or early September and extends until December. It is followed by a winter break, during which students have time off from classes. The Spring semester generally starts in January and concludes in May.

CSUF also offers optional summer sessions, allowing students to take courses during the summer months and earn additional credits toward their degrees. These summer sessions provide opportunities for students to accelerate their studies or focus on specific areas of interest.

Table of Contents

  • CSUF academic calendar fall 2024
  • CSUF academic calendar spring 2025

CSUF academic calendar fall 2024

Check out the important dates and deadlines on the CSUF academic calendar for the Fall semester 2024.

  1. The Fall 2024 Registration Guide becomes available online on March 25, 2024.
  2. Experience CSUF Day is scheduled for April 13, 2024.
  3. Fall 2024 Titan Online registration begins on April 15, 2024.
  4. The Fall 2024 Titan A payment deadline is July 16, 2024.
  5. The Fall 2024 Titan B payment deadline and the first payment plan deadline is August 16, 2024.
  6. CSUF Fall 2024 move-in day is on Thursday, August 22 and Friday, August 23, 2024. Students with confirmed reservations will be sent check-in instructions during the first week of August with more information. Check your CSUF email regularly. Students will arrive on either Thursday or Friday, August 22 and 23.
  7. CSUF Fall 2024 classes start on August 24, 2024.
  8. The Fall 2024 Titan C payment deadline is August 29, 2024.
  9. Fall 2024 PREPAY is due before enrollment on August 30, 2024.
  10. The campus is closed for Labor Day on September 2, 2024.
  11. If the status is reduced from full-time to part-time, the last day for a refund is September 10, 2024.
  12. The last day to apply for TIPP for Fall 2024 is also on September 10, 2024.
  13. The second Fall 2024 payment plan deadline is on September 16, 2024.
  14. Non-Financial Aid (Cash) refunds for Fall 2024 begin on September 17, 2024.
  15. The census date for Fall 2024 is on September 23, 2024.
  16. The third Fall 2024 payment plan deadline is on October 16, 2024.
  17. The last day to receive a prorated refund on mandatory fees for complete withdrawal from classes (60% refund deadline) is October 30, 2024.
  18. The campus is closed for Veterans Day on November 11, 2024.
  19. CSUF Fall 2024 Recess, with no classes, is scheduled from November 26 to December 1, 2024. The campus is closed for Thanksgiving from November 28 to 29, 2024.
  20. The final exams for Fall 2024 are from December 14 to December 20, 2024.
  21. CSUF Winter Break 2024 is from December 21, 2024, to January 15, 2025.
  22. Fall 2024 semester Grades are due on January 2, 2025.

CSUF academic calendar spring 2025

Check out the important dates and deadlines on the CSUF academic calendar for the spring semester 2025.

  1. The semester begins on Thursday, January 16, 2025.
  2. The first day of classes for the Spring 2025 semester is Saturday, January 18, 2025.
  3. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a campus-closed holiday, falls on Monday, January 20, 2025.
  4. Presidents’ Day Observed, also a campus-closed holiday, is on Friday, February 14, 2025.
  5. CSUF Spring Break 2025 runs from Monday, March 31, to Sunday, April 6, 2025; however, the campus is open except on Monday, March 31, for Cesar Chavez Day. Classes resume on Monday, April 7, 2025.
  6. The last day of classes is Friday, May 9, 2025.
  7. Semester examinations occur from Saturday, May 10, to Friday, May 16, 2025.
  8. The CSUF Graduation 2025 and Commencement Exercises will be held from Monday, May 19, to Thursday, May 22, 2025.
  9. The semester ends on Friday, May 23, 2025, with grades due.

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding specific dates and events on the CSUF academic calendar 2023-2024, it is recommended that students consult the official CSUF Registrar Website or reach out to the university direct

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