About University Scoop


University Scoop is an innovative web platform designed to assist students in obtaining valuable information pertaining to their student portals, courses, and online learning management systems.

We understand the frustration that arises when trying to access the login or portal page of your university. While we often know the URL of the university’s home page, the URL for the portal page can be lengthy and difficult to remember, especially considering the numerous websites we encounter on a daily basis.

Typically, one might navigate to a desired website and search for the link to the required portal page. However, this process can be confusing and time-consuming, as most sites do not provide a comprehensive list of portal pages. Instead, users are forced to navigate through a complex series of landing pages before finally finding the desired link.

Why University Scoop

To address this issue, we have created the University Scoop blog, a valuable resource that enables you to effortlessly access your student portal, academic calendar, student email account, and your preferred learning management system (such as Canvas, D2L, Moodle, or Blackboard). Additionally, we provide useful guides on topics like resetting or changing your password, creating a student account, and submitting assignments, among others.