BYU Registration Deadlines.

BYU registration deadlines can vary depending on the specific semester, program, and course.

Typically, BYU have several registration deadlines, including.

1) Priority Registration Deadline.

This is the deadline for current students or those with priority registration status to sign up for classes. Priority may be given to certain groups like seniors, honors students, or athletes.

2) Regular Registration Deadline.

After the priority registration period, there is usually a regular registration period during which all eligible students can sign up for classes.

3) Late Registration Deadline.

This is the last opportunity to register for classes, and it often comes with additional fees. Courses may also be limited or unavailable during this period.

4) Add/Drop Deadline.

This deadline allows students to make changes to their schedules, such as adding or dropping courses, without financial or academic penalties.

5) Withdrawal Deadline.

After the add/drop deadline, students may still withdraw from a course, but it typically results in a “W” on the transcript, and there may be financial implications.

6) Specific Program Deadlines.

Some programs or courses within the university may have unique registration deadlines or prerequisites, so it’s crucial to check with your specific department or program.


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