Bugando University Courses Offered.

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Bugando University:

Bugando University also known as Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS), is a university located in Mwanza, Tanzania.

It is one of the prominent higher education institutions in Tanzania, specializing in health and allied sciences education and research.

It offers courses and programmes leading to the awards of certificates, diplomas, and degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

List Of Courses Offered At CUHAS:

The following are the list of courses offered at Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS).

A) Diploma Courses Offered at Bugando University.

1) Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

2) Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science & Technology.

3) Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography.

B) Undergraduate Courses.

1) Doctor of Medicine (MD).

2) Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm).

3) Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education (B.Sc.NED).

4) Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

5) Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences.

6) Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging And Radiotherapy (BScMIR).

C) Postgraduate Courses.

1)  Master of public health.  


3) Master of science in paediatrics nursing.

4) Master of science in clinical microbiology and diagnostic molecular biology.

5) Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D)

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Please keep in mind that course names and details may vary, and CUHAS may have introduced new programs or made changes to existing ones since my last update.

It’s essential to check the university’s official website bugando.ac.tz/programmes.php or contact them directly for the most accurate and current information regarding their course offerings, admission requirements, and application procedures.

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