Bugando University.

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Bugando University, officially known as the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS), is a prominent institution located in Mwanza, Tanzania.

CUHAS-Bugando, as a Constituent University College of SAUT, became operational in September 2003.

It was granted a Certificate of Interim Authority (CIA) on the 28th March 2002 and a Certificate of Provisional Registration (CPR) on 27th March 2003. By 2005 the College was firmly established and accorded full registration status by the Tanzania Commission of Universities (TCU). 

It focuses on health sciences and offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, medical laboratory sciences, and other health-related fields.

Key aspects of Bugando University (CUHAS) include:

1) Academic Programs.

CUHAS provides various degree programs, including Doctor of Medicine (MD), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN), Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm), and several master’s and doctoral programs in health sciences.

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2) Affiliation.

The university is affiliated with Bugando Medical Centre (BMC), a teaching and referral hospital, which serves as a practical training ground for students and a research center for health sciences.

3) Mission And Vision.

CUHAS aims to produce competent health professionals and conduct relevant health research to improve the health care system in Tanzania and beyond. Its vision is to be a center of excellence in training, research, and consultancy services in health and allied sciences.

4) Facilities And Resources.

The university is equipped with modern facilities, including well-stocked libraries, laboratories, and lecture halls, to support its academic and research activities.

5) Community Engagement.

CUHAS engages in various community outreach programs to provide health services and education to the local population, enhancing the practical experience of its students and contributing to community health improvement.


For more detailed information about specific programs, admissions, and other university-related activities, you can visit the official CUHAS website.

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