List Of Courses Offered At National Institute Of Transport (NIT).

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The National Institute of Transport (NIT) in Dar es salaam, Tanzania is a higher education institution that specializes in transportation and logistics-related programs. 

It is not typically referred to as a “university,” but it offers a variety of academic programs and courses related to transportation, logistics, and related fields. 

NIT is known for its focus on training professionals in the transportation and logistics sectors.


Below is a list of courses offered at National Institute of Transport (NIT):

A) Undergraduate Degree Programmes.

  • Human Resource Management
  •  Business Administration
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  •  Accounting and Transport Finance
  •  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  •  Education with Mathematics and Information Technology
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Procurement and Logistics Management
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Logistics and Transport Management

B) Postgraduate Diploma Programmes.

1Air Transport Management.12 Months
2Logistics and Transport Management12 Months
3Shipping and Port Management12 Months
4Procurement and Logistics Management12 Months
5Rail Transport Management12 Months
6Transport Economics12 Months
7Road Transport Safety Management12 Months
8Transport Engineering Management12 Months
9Travel and Tourism12 Months

C) Master Degree Program.

1Master in Business Administration – Logistics and Transport Management (MBA-LTM)2 years

D) International Programmes.

1International Introductory Certificate in Logistics and Transport6 Weeks
2International Certificate in Logistics and Transport.21 weeks
3International Diploma in Logistics and Transport.12 Months
4International Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport.24 Months

E) Short Courses Programmes.

1Advanced Driver’s Grade Two (INDUSTRIAL)4 Weeks
2Advanced Driver’s Grade Two ( VIP)4 Weeks
3Advanced Driver’s Grade One4 Weeks
4Public Service Vehicle (Passenger) Driving Course (PSV).10 Days
5Senior Driver’s Course.6 Weeks
6Driver Instructors Course.10 Weeks
7Vehicle inspection and appraisal15 weeks
8Heavy Goods Vehicle10 days
9Tyre care and maintenanceI week
10Fuel Management in Vehicle Operations1 week
11Transport Officer Seminars2 weeks
12Road Traffic Accidents Handling and analysis1 week
13Road Safety awareness1 week
14Cargo handling2 weeks
15Planned Preventive Maintenance for Motor Vehicles2 weeks
16Troubleshooting in vehicle systems2 weeks
17Diesel engine Services and Maintenance2 weeks
18Defensive Driving2 weeks
19Petrol Engine Services and Maintenance2 weeks
20Customer care1 week
21Stores Management2 weeks
22Transport costing and transport statistics analysis2 weeks
23Forklift operators’ training5 days
24Vehicle inspection and road safety24 weeks

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Please note that the availability of specific programs and courses may change, and NIT may offer additional programs or make modifications to existing ones.

It’s advisable to visit the official NIT website or contact the institution directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their course offerings and admission requirements.

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