DIT Tanzania.

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Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) is a leading technical education institution in Tanzania. 

Here are some key details about DIT:


Full Name: Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with additional campuses in Mwanza region and Songwe region (Myunga campus).

Type: Public technical and higher education institution.


Establishment: DIT was established in 1997 following the transformation of the Dar es Salaam Technical College. It has a rich history rooted in technical education and training.

Evolution: The institute has expanded its programs and facilities to meet the growing demand for technical skills in Tanzania.

Academic Programs:

Diplomas and Degrees: Offers a range of programs including Ordinary Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees, and postgraduate studies.

Fields of Study: Includes Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications, Computer, and Biomedical), Information Technology, Science, and Technology.

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Facilities And Resources

Campus Facilities: Equipped with modern laboratories, workshops, libraries, and ICT resources to support practical and theoretical learning.

Student Support: Provides accommodation, sports, and recreational facilities, as well as counseling and career guidance services.

Research And Development:

Research Focus: Engages in various research projects, often in collaboration with industry and government, to address national and regional technical challenges.

Innovation: Encourages innovation and entrepreneurship among students through various programs and initiatives.

Community Engagement:

Outreach Programs: Conducts community service and outreach programs aimed at improving the technical skills of the local population.

Collaborations: Partners with local and international institutions, industries, and organizations to enhance the quality and relevance of its education and training.

Admissions And Entry Requirements:

Eligibility: Admission requirements vary by program but generally include academic qualifications in relevant subjects.

Application Process: Prospective students typically apply through the institute’s admissions office or online portal.

Accreditation And Recognition:

Accreditation: Recognized by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and other relevant bodies.

Reputation: Known for its quality technical education and training, contributing significantly to the development of Tanzania’s technical workforce.

Vision And Mission:

Vision: To become a centre of excellence in providing high-quality technical education, research, and consultancy.

Mission: To provide quality technical education and training, and to promote research and consultancy for socio-economic development.

Notable Achievements:

Innovations: Development of various technological solutions and innovations addressing local challenges.

Graduates: DIT alumni are well-regarded in the industry and contribute to various sectors of the Tanzanian economy.


DIT plays a crucial role in advancing technical education and skills development in Tanzania, helping to meet the country’s growing demand for technically proficient professionals.

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