Kampala University In Tanzania.

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Kampala University has a branch in Tanzania known as Kampala International University in Tanzania (KIUT).

Here are some key details about it:

Kampala International University in Tanzania (KIUT):

1) Location.

KIUT is located in Gongo la Mboto, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

2) Establishment.

The university was established to provide higher education opportunities to Tanzanian students and students from the East African region.

3) Programs.

KIUT offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs across different fields such as Health Sciences, Business, Law, Education, and Social Sciences.

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4) Accreditation.

KIUT is accredited by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), ensuring that the programs meet the educational standards required by the Tanzanian government.

5) Facilities.

The university provides various facilities to support learning and research, including libraries, laboratories, and modern classrooms.

7) International Collaboration.

KIUT often collaborates with other institutions for academic and research purposes, enhancing the quality and reach of its educational programs.

Notable Aspects:

A) Community Engagement.

KIUT is involved in various community service initiatives, providing opportunities for students to engage in social development projects.

B) Diverse Student Body.

The university attracts a diverse student population from various countries, fostering a multicultural learning environment.


For more detailed information about admission requirements, specific programs, and other inquiries, visiting the official KIUT website kiut.ac.tz/ or contacting their admissions office would be beneficial.

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